Clay Shirky: Let a thousand flowers bloom to replace newspapers; don’t build a paywall around a public good

NYU professor and Internet thinker Clay Shirky gave a talk Tuesday at the Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, our friends just on the other side of Harvard Square. His subject was the future of accountability journalism in a world of declining newspapers. Even for those of us familiar with his ideas, he brought in a few new wrinkles, which have already been the subject of commentary around the web.

But I think Clay’s ideas are worth hearing in toto, so using audio from the Shorenstein Center, we’ve made a transcript of his entire talk. If you’d like, while you’re reading, you can listen to the audio in the player below, or download the MP3. I’ve included timestamps in the transcript so you can jump to particular spots if you’d like.

Nieman Journalism Lab


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